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Hong10 “King of Kings” || STRIFE. || Red Bull BC One 2013 World Finals || Hong10 highlight 

"Dreams" // STRIFE.

Please feel free to submit ^-^ and i’m currently working on some gifs although its been awhile feel free to send me some videos also or questions or whatever

where have i been

around mid December of last year, all my personal information including my e-mail my paypal & this person also took down my adsense account, and i lost LOTS of ad revenue & i basically just got it all back two hours ago… i also replaced my hdd and i don’t have any files etc etc… and when i tried to log onto tumblr i would get stuck in a suspicious activity screen and the only way to log on is to reset my password, but in order to do that i needed my e-mail (****) but finally, after sending like 15 e-mails to google they managed to give my back my old e-mail thus recovering everything yay

hi guys im alive